Aroma Tierra was started with a vision of bringing highest purity therapeutic grade essential oils, and top quality health, home, beauty and bath products to the customers.

Aroma Tierra, meaning 'Scent of the Earth', is an attempt to bring the enchanting essence from the cradle of mother nature right to your doorstep. All the essential oils are extracted from pure natural produce, and are carefully selected from different sources to ensure that each drop carries nature's healing touch.

Carrier oils, also known as base oils are usually derived from fatty portions of the plant such as seeds, nuts or kernels. Aroma Tierra carrier oils are extracted by cold-pressed method to ensure that maximum therapeutic properties are retained. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, these oils offer great beauty and skin-care benefits. Unlike essential oils, carrier oils do not have strong fragrances, do not evaporate easily and are safe to apply on skin undiluted. Carrier oils are excellent medium to dilute essential oils for topical application.