After her sister’s melanoma scare, Gold Coast single mother Sonya Driver became consumed with finding a safe sunless tanning alternative. After years of researching the ingredients in the products she was using, she didn't like what she found. It was in these very moments that Eco Tan was pioneered.

Sonya has made Australian history by creating the first tan to use organic & natural ingredients certified by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian Government.

Using a Certified Organic skin care range really does make a difference. Whether you prefer yourself tan to be express or slow-building, Eco Tan promises you the most beautiful, believable bronze for all complexions, with NO hidden nasties.

The color in Eco Tan tanning products is derived from cacao (chocolate) so their products do not contain green or orange tones. The products also do not contain synthetic ingredients or synthetic fragrances or GMO's.

Eco Tan products use Organic ingredients certified by the OFC – except sunscreen which is natural. Their tanning and body care products are also vegan, while a sunscreen range is vegetarian - this is due to small amount of beeswax in the product which acts as a natural water resistant.

- Organic certification by the Organic Food Chain
- Cruelty-free certification by Choose Cruelty Free
- Licensed by PETA under the Beauty Without Bunnies program
- Certified Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia