The world offers a gold mine of extraordinary herbs, fruits and flowers with proven medicinal benefits dating back hundreds of years.

Using traditional and modern recipes, providing safe and effective herbal and natural solutions that are accessible to all is at the heart of the mission at Gold Bar.

From Award-Winning Gold-infused anti-ageing skincare, to critically acclaimed anti-hair fall Shampoo Bar, Gold Bar offers all-natural solutions like no other for a wide range of hair and skin concerns, designed to make you look and feel good, for good.

Gold Bar is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Kristiana Sripetchvandee, who through her own personal struggles with various hair and skin problems and countless disappointments of products from all over the world, came to realize that there is no ‘quick fix’ method to bettering hair and skin problems, especially to achieve long lasting results. She then decided to take the long term approach and came to discover that the only way to achieve results that lasted is to allow the body to naturally heal itself. Kristiana found that ‘the right kind of help’ means looking to nature for solutions.

Gold Bar solutions are inspired by proven traditional remedies from Thailand and its surrounding South-East Asian countries. One of which is using Gold as an ingredient for its powerful skin benefits – infused into the products where it would be most effective. 

Luxury does not always come with a price. Gold Bar offers affordable, luxurious natural products. Also they promote the use of soap and shampoo bars because they produce less packaging waste.

Gold Bar also supports mini-entrepreneurs, ‘Gold Baristas’, who might wish to build or improve their own businesses by selling their products with minimum possible investment.

“It is my passion to help others overcome their hair and skin concerns for good in a safe, effective and affordable way.” – Kristiana Sripetchvandee