“IZIL” is the Berber word for “PURE,” a concept at the heart and soul of the brand. 

Mouna Abassy, the Founder, wanted to bring together ancient tradition and advanced technology to offer you authentic, natural Moroccan ingredients in formulas that are both stable and of the highest efficacy.

Revealing the ancient secrets of Moroccan beauty, IZIL takes pride in sharing recipes that have stood the test of time. Passed down from generation to generation, IZIL brings you traditional treatments refined and honed to suit your modern lifestyle.

100% PURE MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL Brand.  Izil is a highly effective natural cosmetic brand, made in Morocco and which products are made from organically certified highest quality Argan Oil, together with other natural, pure and rare ingredients. It is blended with plant oils, fruits oils and essential oils carefully selected for their skin loving properties, to enhance skin radiance.

IZIL Argan Oil is 100% certified organic and chemical-free. It is cold-pressed and produced in a highly controlled environment to minimize oxidation, bringing you the world’s finest Argan oil in its purest, most potent form. Rich in antioxidants and essential Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, Argan oil also contains three times as much vitamin E as the most virgin olive oil. 

In Izil products there are NO PARABENS, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO CHEMICALS. Their products are 100% ORGANIC.

The real Beauty is pure and pure beauty is natural!