Aromatherapy, Remedies & Grooming.

"More than just a great smell, Power of nature in a bottle"

Combining nature, health and wellbeing, Mr. Fox offers a range of handmade products, 100% natural, ready to use, smart and practical.

Mr. Fox was inspired by the diversity of nature and its animals as a powerful influence in our lives. Combining health, purity and pleasure.
Mr. Fox offers a range of handmade products, 100% Natural, practical and ready to use, making aromatherapy simple and funky.


Mr.Fox wants to be as sustainable as possible, making sure their decisions will have the least impact on the planet.  Mr. Fox is an environmentally health conscious brand and we hope you are as well.

  • Using the best from the botanical world, they only go for 100% natural, wild harvested, ethically sourced, cold-pressed, pure & organic ingredients!

  • NO preservatives, NO synthetics, NO artificial fragrances

  • 100% Vegan, Magic Potions have never been tested on foxes or others animals!

  • They handle every part, from the meticulous sourcing to the handmade blending & packaging of each of our products.

  • Their glass containers are 100% recyclable.