Organic Essence was founded in 2006 after the USDA National Organic Program allowed non-food agriculturally derived products to certify to their existing organic food standard. Organic Essence was one of the first body care product companies to certify to this standard, and to this day is one of a small number to only produce certified organic products.

Products are not just what’s in a package but also the package itself. This understanding led Organic Essence to re-imagine packaging as being part of the life cycle, rather than as something that is dangerous and threatens life. Organic Essence is where genuinely sustainable products and packaging are being invented and made.

ORGANIC ESSENCE products are USDA certified organic with eco green, biodegradable, home compostable packaging. OE uses organic oils, botanicals and essential oils which are 3rd party certified to ensure that it's not just an empty marketing claim. Many of OE products are vegan with zero animal testing. OE standards are high and quality is supreme with home compostable packaging as the ultimate goal. OE is industrial leader of combining a truly sustainable package with organic, sustainable ingredients.