The Organic pharmacy

Margo Marrone`s story begins over 27 years ago as a Saturday girl in her local pharmacy. She decided to study pharmacy and six years later she embarked on her career as a pharmacist specialising in herbal medicine, nutrition and well being with a focus on natural and alternate medicine. 

Whilst studying homeopathy she became aware of Organic and what it meant.  Margo decided to use her herbal and pharmaceutical knowledge to create a shopping haven free from chemicals found in other stores, a place where expert knowledge on well being and homeopathic remedies were readily available.

Her principles were very simple, the best organic ingredients, honest expert advice, quality service, incredibly effective products and a caring environment.

The Organic Pharmacy was born with the opening of its first store.

The first store opened in 2002 in London on Kings Road and very soon they had complete synergy with customers many of whom are still with them today. Today The Organic Pharmacy has stores and distribution all over the world.

One of the things that makes The Organic pharmacy different is the science that the company puts into its formulations. The high tech natural extracts, the pharmaceutical grade ingredients and their dosage in products at levels that really count means serious results for healthy glowing skin. Manufactured in small batches they make sure each and every product is perfect. The products line is certified with Soil Association.

The Organic pharmacy:


  •       The  first pharmacy dedicated to all things organic
  •       Exceptional performance, synergy of ingredients, modern textures
  •       Pharmaceutical and medicinal quality herbs
  •       Free from artificial colourants, fragrances, petrochemicals and preservatives
  •       Cutting edge research and vitamin extracts
  •       No animal testing



Positive Beauty Awards 2014 Red Magazine 2014

Best Organic SkincareMost effective sunscreen


 Beauty Bible 2014                                                          In Style 2014

Green Beauty Bible Award                                                            Best Natural Brigtening Facial

Resculpting Body Gel,Self Tan, OG Nail Polish


 In Style 2013                                                                    Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2012

Best Eco/Organic Brand                                                                 Best Natural Brigtening Facial

                                                                                                    Anti-Ageing Profile Facial



Organic Beauty Talk 2011                                                 Sublime Magazine 2011

Best Natural Liquid Foundation                                                           Best Natural Luxury Cosmetics

Organic Glam Luminous Antioxidant Foundation



In Style 2011                                                                        Beauty Bible 2010

Best Eco/Organic Brand                                                                     Green Beauty Bible Award


Sublime Magazine 2010-2011                                             In Style 2010

Econic Brand Award                                                                           Best Eco/Organic Brand


Your & Your Wedding 2009                                                 In Style 2009

Bridal Beauty, Gold Award                                                                  Best Eco/Organic Brand


Marie Claire 2008                                                                 Natural Solution 2009

Best Eco/Organic Brand                                                                      Beauty With Conscience



CEW UK 2008                                                                      Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2003

Beauty Insiders' Choice                                                                      Best New Store Award



Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2003

Best New Store Award

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