The cosmetic brand “Victoria beauty” is a symbol of health and attractiveness. Under the sign of this brand, various products have been developed, such as series for beautiful hair, healthy nails, body depilation, face care, as well as special cleansing and tonifying body series.

For years on end the work of the team of VICTORIA BEAUTY has been focused on the use of snail slime in human skin care and now it has the pleasure to present to you the new line of entirely natural products for facial care based on snail slime extracts and red algae. It contains a combination of extract from snail slime secretion and the patented formulation of HYDRANOV moisturizing component. The slime is obtained at a BIO farm breeding snails of the HELIX ASPERSA MAXIMA species in compliance with the standards for natural and organic cosmetics, causing no stress to the mollusca. We can asseverate that in our farm there is not even one snail that has been distressed.

- Use of entirely natural ingredients which are not harmful to the organism and are more active and more compatible with the metabolism and the structure of human skin in comparison to those of synthetic origin.

- Combining the biologically active ingredients of the snail secretion with the patented active component HYDRANOV – oligofurcellarans from red algae.

Snail slime from HELIX ASPERSA MAXIMA: - Natural low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – 100% compatible with human skin, one of the secrets of youth. In the epidermal layer of the skin the acid is localized in the intercellular space and demonstrates its unique ability to “trap" water molecules. The addition of HYDRANOV further stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. It penetrates in depth and replenishes impaired collagen structures.