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Organic & Natural Skin Care from Live the Nature

Nature is our true passion at Live the Nature. We founded our organic and natural skin care company based on the understanding that we all belong to this Green Earth. And we believe in living life according to that principle. This belief has led us to provide our customers with a selection of nourishing skincare products that can help restore your body’s balance and harmony.

Our team of enthusiastic professionals have gathered an exclusive line of organic and natural skin care products - moisturisers, bath and hair products and more from some of the most respected brands currently on the market. We’re proud to be the first online purveyor of organic and natural skincare in the UAE, and we’re confident that you’ll finally be able to find and buy the holistic products you’ve been searching for here in our boutique.

Nourishing Your Skin in a Harsh Environment

Exposure to the elements is a reality of life in the UAE. The sun’s rays are stronger here than almost anywhere in the world, and the drying effects of the briny sea air are ever-present. That’s why it’s so important that those living here have access to the finest botanical treatments on the market.

Our natural skin products are the result of an extensive selection process. We handpick the best lines for our customers from a pool of the leading, internationally recognised brands. Live the Nature collection will always bring you the leading organic and natural skin care products, ensuring that you have access to the best of what’s currently available.

We also take a stand against those skincare agents that do more harm than good. We refuse to deal in products that include synthetic fragrance, sulfate detergents, pore-blocking petrochemicals, synthetic colours and other potential irritants.

Beyond Skincare with Live the Nature

Live the Nature may be best known for providing organic skin care in Dubai, but this is actually only one facet of our offerings. We also offer to buy a range of specialised products, including the following:

  • Hair care products

  • Body care products

  • Makeup and cosmetics

  • Men’s care products

  • Oral hygiene products

  • Skincare products for children

  • Face care products for women

All of the products in our line adhere to the same high standards. We insist on only stocking products that are made from the highest-quality botanicals and natural ingredients.

Contact Live the Nature for Organic and Natural Skin Care Products in the UAE

We’re committed to making our skincare products available to buy to anyone based in the UAE, and we offer delivery within 48 hours to any address in the country. We do provide free delivery for orders over or equal to AED 200 for regular customers. Contact Live the Nature today for more information.