Our story

We are people of the Earth and the Green Earth is our planet.

We are the team of enthusiast professionals, inspired and driven by our love and belonging to Mother Nature, promoting healthy lifestyle, caring for our environment and deeply believing what we apply on our skin makes a matter!

Living in a harsh environmental condition, people in UAE are thriving to be surrounded by everything related to “nature” – green communities, parks, eco-friendly products, natural food and natural cosmetics. And here Live the Nature comes!

 “Live the Nature” is the first Online Concept Boutique of organic and natural skincare products in UAE.  

We aim to provide a wide range of different high quality products – women skincare, cosmetics, kids and baby care, body care, men care, oral care and hair care.

We promote the culture of healthy lifestyle and educate customers why it is beneficial to use cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients.

We are a family brand and we are keen to help our consumers to take care of themselves and their families by using best-of-breed products in a safe, effective, economic and environment friendly manner.

We carefully select the right products for our customers and bring the leading and internationally recognized brands with their unique concept  from all over the world across the six continents. This wide variety will help our customers to find what they need, according to their concern, preference and cultural background.

We take a stand against skin-unfriendly ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, pore-blocking petrochemicals, sulfate detergents, synthetic colors, animal ingredients, parabens or other potential irritants.

And we welcome botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, natural and organic certified ingredients.

 We are:


  •        Customer centric
  •        Innovative
  •        Efficient
  •        Transparent
  •        Friendly
  •        Caring for the environment


Because “Nature is our true passion”.