Say YES to Organic make up!

It is hard to overestimate the role of make up in women's lives, isn't it?

As lots of usual girls, I tried cosmetics in high school, continued using it in the university and then during working time of my life. And even when I became a stay-at-home mom I wanted to look cute for my husband and my friends, so I continued using make up almost everyday.

I need to confess, that most of the times as I was applying any kind of cosmetics I was feeling guilty for making my skin heavy, for blocking my pores and treating my skin with chemicals.


Of course I was always trying to go for the best top brands, but every time I had a feeling that I was making my skin slightly older and less healthy.

Certainly when I could stay at home without seeing anybody except my closest family I preferred not to use anything but moisturizer.

You know these lazy days, don’t you?

Now lets speak about men a bit and why we care about cosmetics. My husband can claim it a lot, but I am not sure that he prefers the "natural" look on me. 

Can men even tell when it's no makeup vs makeup meant to look like? In my experience, unless something is unnaturally colored, the men I meet don't know what makeup looks like.

Anyway I need to take care of myself especially for my own self-esteem. But how can I do it properly? How much more chemicals and preservatives my skin is able to endure? 

When you are 20, you just don't care. You see new mascara in the store and say: I want it! But when you are getting older, you are realizing that after a while this mascara will end up on your wrinkles under eyes. So, do you really want to purchase it now or you want to read about its components and see reviews about this product first?

I started to search information about organic makeup. I discovered that there are not many brands specifying on natural approach. For myself I've chosen cosmetics by The Organic Pharmacy.

Sometimes I just use only a moisturizer and OG Photo Finish Antioxidant Face Powder with just a tint of blush on the top. This product is just adorable and I totally recommend it! I like the idea that it’s not harmful for me, but on the contrary – it protects my skin from free radical damage and all other impurities. And it sets all my other makeup if needed really nice.

As long as I wear contact lens I am really sensitive to eye makeup. I tried Organic Glam Mascara and also liked it a lot. 

You can read about it here

For some occasions I want to make an extra stress on my eyes. The classic pencil eyeliner is easier to use than a liquid liner but not quite as long-lasting. Except this one As a teenager, I used to heat up my cheapie drugstore liners on glaring lightbulbs before applying to my eyes, but now I can afford myself the best, so I like that Organic Glam Eye Pencil is waterproof and very creamy.

There are so many makeup options these days, but I prefer to stay as natural as possible. Join me and try The Organic Pharmacy!