ACNE FIGHTING. 3 Steps and 3 Secret Treatments

Hey Dear Fans!

It’s Green Lady with you again. Do you remember last time in my article about Argan oil I mentioned my face problems? Some time ago I realized that my skin issues are not just occasional spots. It seems that I have some symptoms of Acne! My condition is not so severe; still it effects on my self-esteem and upsets me.

At the same time I notice that my mood is changing too quickly. I’m gaining weight and have a bit of dandruff (first time since 16 years old!). Also sometimes I’m suffering from eyes dryness. All of these follow by pimples, which make me look like adolescent, who eats too much chocolate.

I don’t want to be like that anymore!  I decided to fight, so, I made a list of measures for getting back to my fair skin and self-confidence. In addition to that I found three cheap magic acne treatments, which I’d like to share with you in a while.

If you have a similar problems you might want to use this simple and accurate Acne face map of problems that caused this unpleasant condition of the skin.

I used this information for determining the steps, which I am following to:

Step 1. As long as my chin is affected I assume that my hormones definitely need to be regulated. The less harmless and the easiest way to do it - is to take omega-3s. 20 minutes of exercise each day works good as long with sleeping early and waking up early, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. One more precaution - I have to change my pillowcases frequently, because I usually sleep on my left side of face, just where my acne situation is the worst. 

I also take care of my cell phone by sanitizing it from time to time. And of course I should reduce stress as much as possible (yoga, meditation, listening to music, writing in a journal, etc.)

Step 2. My eating behavior should be well controlled. I have to start eat properly - less dairy, less fat and sugar. Better to switch on organic vegetables and fruits in purpose of reducing the harm from pesticides. As long as I always drink plenty of water I don’t need to change anything here.

Step 3. I should use certain cosmetics and skin care products. Many cosmetics contain agents that are non-comedogenic—in other words, these agents don’t plug pores and cause whiteheads or blackheads. However, there are still some cosmetics with comedogenic agents. If you are worried that applying cosmetics or other skin care products is making your acne worse, you can look for labels that specify that these products are “non-comedogenic,” “non-pore-clogging,” or “oil free.”

Ok, now it's time to tell you about my three secret acne-fighters!

Well, they are not very secret. On the contrary - they are pretty common and I simply searched them on web. Together with my 3 Steps they magically cure my acne and it’s getting better day after day.

1. First one is garlic! I am using one clove per two nights. I cut it on two parts and use one each day. With sharp knife I etch the cutting surface and apply the succus from the garlic straight on the pimples. Better to schedule this routine procedure on evening before sleep. My husband doesn’t seem to mind – I’m lucky! Garlic works like a natural local antibiotics. Next morning I usually have only marks from the pimples.

2. The second one is Baneocin powder, which you usually can buy in the drug store. It contains two antibiotics, which have a bactericidal effect, neomycin and bacitracin. If I have a breakout I use only this powder, it disinfects and dries the spot. 

3. The third are Derma E production. They have lots of stuff that can be ordered online from my favorite website

At first I purchased Very Clear Acne Scrub and never regretted. It is really gentle and I noticed that this exact treatment prevents a new spot to appear. First month I used it two times per week, now I am applying it only on Saturdays during my “me time” J

What I’m currently using everyday is Very Clear Acne Cleanser. It has anti-blemish components and it significantly reduces redness. 

I use it every evening before my night cream and garlic. As long as I can’t apply garlic in the morning I use Very Clear Acne Spot Treatment                                                                                           It has almost no odor and is great to use before make up.

 I wouldn’t choose it before, because it looks more like a medication neither than a beauty product, but since I have a dandruff and want to get rid of it as soon as possible and at the same time soothe and clean my hair this shampoo is my hero now. Certainly the shampoo is paired with a conditioner. You can order them together.

One more product by Derma E that I have found and liked a lot is Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Cream. It eliminates the necessity to use concealer when I am doing a makeup. I definitely recommend trying it because unlike the concealer it is totally natural and does not irritates eyes, which is highly important for me now due to my dry eyes issues.

These are all my secrets that I wanted to share with you regarding my acne fighting process!


Stay green,

Your Green Lady.