Brilliant Tooth-Brushing Tips For Kids

Hello my dear ladies!

Today I would like to speak about pretty important procedure that every person has to perform every day, at least twice a day, starting from a very early age. Tooth brushing. Mommies, my advise is once baby teeth begin coming in, start taking care of them right away. Good, healthy baby teeth will pave the way for good healthy adult teeth. And by helping children to take good care of their teeth, you are starting habits that will last them all their lives.

When a baby is born, the first set of teeth is already there, just under the gums. The arrival of a baby’s first tooth is always an exciting time! The front teeth usually begin to come through the gums between six and twelve months. Over the next 2 years the remaining ‘baby’ teeth will appear. By the time a child is 3 years old all 20 baby teeth will have arrived. These teeth are very important for eating, talking and smiling. They also keep spaces for the adult teeth.

                  How to introduce your child to tooth-brushing easily?

  1. LET THEM PICK THEIR OWN TOOTHBRUSH. Minions, Spiderman, Peppa Pig… - whatever :) Some little ones stop fighting when you give them a battery powered kids spinbrush.


  2. GET A YUMMY TOOTHPASTE. For small kids it is essential that the toothpaste is organic and safe to swallow, not to mention that it should be fluoride and sugar free. The one on the picture is just perfect for babies and children. 


  3. LET THEM BRUSH YOUR TEETH. It can be bit painful, funny and effective at the same time! You brush your child’s teeth while he brushes yours with your brush.

  4. LET THEM PLAY. Children can brush dolls or trucks to clean them. Show them this game and it will definitely warm them up to the idea slowly. You might need to sacrifice an extra brush for this purpose.

  5. MAKE IT FUN! My son and I sometimes hold a contest to see who can brush the longest. And I even let him to draw the letter “K” (from which his name starts) on the bathroom mirror if it gets cloudy. He always beats me.

What else you can play in the bathroom? I remember ones I read about a woman who had her daughter lay on the floor with a head on her lap while she sat cross legged and pretended to play dentist and brush.

  6. MAINTAIN THE TIME OF BRUSHING IN A FUN WAY. For example you can turn on every time the same song, which length is about 2 minutes. I also liked the idea that is shown on this picture.


  7. STOP STRESSING ABOUT IT. No one ever had to sit on a 10 yr old and brush her teeth for her. Well, not to my knowledge any way. Sometimes you need to let it go even if your child brushes his teeth not well enough. I remember a great story about one famous children psychologist. Once a man with a 3-years old boy came for an appointment to her. He was complaining that his son wouldn't let anyone to brush his teeth. He simply clenched his mouth closed. The child preferred to do it only by himself. The dentist disapproved that saying it was not efficient enough. He told to the father that neglecting of tooth brushing in this age could lead to teeth decay, leading to a gum infection called gingivitis, which could affect the spacing of permanent teeth. So, the father was terrified and even came to ask the psychologist how he could persuade the boy to let parents to brush his teeth. What he should do now? Her answer was so simple. The psychologist said: fire your dentist and let your son be a person!

Ladies, never forget that child’s good will about tooth brushing is the most important thing in this process.

Sincerely yours,

Green Lady