Gold Bar

One more interesting brand with a great variety of natural beauty products that I wanted to share you with is Gold Bar. Do you know how I discovered this wonderful brand from Thailand? It’s started when my husband began to suffer from frequent insomnia. The constant stress and so on and so on… We all sometimes have it, don't we? And not always we can just change our life style and become calm and worriless. I was also disturbed by his sleeping behavior as he was lying sleepless with his laptop beside me and the screen light bothered me a lot. Otherwise he was staying in his study room till 3 am which was not healthy at all. I wanted to help him so I began searching what could I do to make him sleep without harming him without prescribed medicines. I learnt that the herbal world is rich with simple botanical remedies to try. The best what worked for us was hot bath with regular relaxing massage after it. That was the time when I ordered GOLD BAR Lavender Lullaby Massage Oil.             

Actually it was not only a cure for the sleepiness but also for a sun burns on my husband shoulders too. Not always I could persuade him to use sunblock - he hated its greasiness, but his health problems afterwards were ALWAYS on MY shoulders… So I found that this massaging oil would help both - sunburns and insomnia.

So I started the “therapy” using this oil with a very pleasant lavender odor. And it worked pretty well! After some time we reduced massage sessions to couple times per week. He sleeps well now even without it. Every good wife knows that men are like that - if they are not well, all they need is our attention, because this is the best medicine!

By the way now he never minds when I order a hundredth bottle of beauty products to try for myself, the most important issue is not to forget about his needs. So I additionally ordered a Muscle Conditioning massage Oil and he uses it after gym.

I was happy to find out that I can also get him a powerful SPF30 sunblock in the form of gel, which dries immediately and is not greasy at all. It is recommended for normal to oily skin. As it is made from natural ingredients it is safe for my son too, because he also prefers it to a usual sunblock cream.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, here you can find same Gold Bar sunblock in the form of lotion:

For myself I purchased Caviar Peel-Off Face Mask, because I fell for the description of its benefits, which you can read here And, yes, you just need to put it on in the evening and peel it off in the morning - very easy to use. No mess on sheets is also true. As to turning back time and making my skin younger I really hope to see results in few weeks of my using it.                                                                

Continuing about the Gold Bar production: my next purchase included their Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap as I was extremely curious whether it’s black or white or may be golden. I won’t tell you - it’s a secret that you should discover yourselves :)

All I can say about it that I really believe in benefits that this soap gives to your beauty and health. As a chemist I know what a great absorber charcoal is and how perfect it is for fighting impurities and toxins. And also this soap smells really nice.In conclusion of my report about Gold Bar brand I can say that they offer lots of natural hair treatments. All you can see here Avocado All-In-One Hair Serum caught my attention because of its low cost in combination with a high  quality.


Sincerely yours,

Green Lady.