Hair Loss problem and solutions

Hello there! The Green Lady is here again. These days I am very happy as I am waiting for my Mom to come with three weeks visit. As most of the expats in the UAE I feel homesick sometimes, so every time as somebody comes from my homeland I am very excited. My Mom is my best friend. We’ve planned to spend a lot of time together, to visit different places and of course do some shopping!

Several days ago Mom sent me a message saying that she needed my help in one big issue – the hair loss. Literally she wrote: please, come up with something, otherwise I will loose them all soon. It sounded pretty desperate. 

She knows that I am well versed in most of cosmetics and beauty products so she counts on me that I can find really good ones for her.

Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. This usually doesn't cause noticeable thinning of scalp hair because new hair is growing in at the same time. Hair loss occurs when this cycle of hair growth and shedding is disrupted or when the hair follicle is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue.

The exact cause of hair loss may not be fully understood, but it's usually related to one or more of the following factors: family history (heredity), hormonal changes, medical conditions and medications.

The most common cause of hair loss in women (my Mom also has this) is a hereditary condition called female-pattern baldness. It usually occurs gradually and in predictable patterns — a receding hairline and thinning hair.

Can it be cured or at least significantly slowed down?

I made some research - read reviews in social networks and watched a lot of beauty blogs on YouTube, because I didn’t want to rely on the commercials only. After that I ordered some products on What I love is that all the products are natural and with no harmful chemicals.

So here is the list of things that I’ve chosen for my Mom. I hope they will cope with her problem. By the way, they will also work if you have a hair loss due to hormonal changes. I suffered from it after my son was born 4 years ago…

   1. The first thing that I ordered for my Mom was Skin, Hair & Nail Oil by Derma E. I like this US brand and I like that this oil is not only pure Argan, but also enriched with Jojoba and Kukui oils. You can read my previous article about the magic Argan oil. Jojoba is a familiar word for me, too. But what is this Kukui? Well, it’s just a tropic plant. For example, in Hawaii kukui oil has been used for centuries to effectively protect, heal, and nourish skin that has been exposed to the elements - harsh sun, drying winds and salt water. This unique oil quickly penetrates and moisturizes, leaving the skin with a greaseless, silky after-feel. Clinically proven to significantly increase moisture levels in the skin. Kukui oil is hypoallergenic as so as Argan and Jojoba oils. For my Mom’s purposes it is good to apply Skin, Hair & Nail Oil product daily straight on the scalp with light massaging moves.

   2. The treatment that Mom will definitely do justice to is Age Defying Scalp Intensive by Andalou Naturals. This is exactly what she needs – a thinning hair treatment. You can read the description here If everything that I’ve read about this product is true I am sure that it can help my Mom. Here is the average review:

The directions are pretty simple: use daily. You just need to part towel dry hair into equal sections, apply a few drops to scalp and massage gently. I think that it is good to combine number one product with this one by using the first one in the morning and the second in the evening before sleep.

   3. Next product that I need to choose is a nice and gentle shampoo for the hair that Mom still has on her head. What can be gentler than natural ingredients? I’m sure nothing. As my Mom has to dye her hair every month like most women of her age she would definitely prefer not only organic shampoo, but also the one, which can preserve hair color. I’ve chosen for her Island Bliss shampoo ( and same conditioner by Original Sprout.

   4. One more thing that I will definitely recommend to all women having a hair loss problem is to start taking the course of vitamins. 

Usually they are called Hair, Skin and Nails. The required amount of vitamin E helps to improve the hair situation. Still ladies with dark hair and the tendency of having excessive hair grow on the body should be careful, because vitamins also effect on the undesirable areas.

I wish you good luck! Will meet you in my  Green Lady’s blog next week!