Mr. Fox - very creative brand from Dubai.

Ladies, today I will tell you about a very creative brand from Dubai -  Mr. Fox. It is interesting that I learnt about it from my yoga teacher. Though I am still amateur, I like yoga and try to attend classes at least twice a week.

 Once I noticed that my yoga mat is not so fresh as it used to be. I wouldn't like to buy a new one,  because I love mine. It has a very bright color that makes me feel really energetic. I haven't seen  such a nice mat anywhere else. I asked my teacher how to clean it, as I noticed that she’d never  changed her mat during two years of my classes with her. I asked her to share all the refreshing  tricks with me. And then she told me about her latest discovery - Mr.Fox Yoga Mat Cleaning  Spray REFRESH YOUR MAT. 

 It turned out that the same time they started to sell this brand on my favorite The spray is 100% natural and biodegradable, still it is said that it disinfects and removes germs just fine! Don't worry about degrading your mat - Mr.Fox spray doesn't contain chemicals or alcohol. Apart from yoga mat, I like to use this spray in the gym before using any exercisers. It removes sweaty smell because of its relaxing & grounding scents. Key ingredients are Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Witch Hazel and Pine Hydrosol.

Then I wondered what else Mr.Fox offers. I found a super great aromatherapy kit called THE 7 ESSENTIALS. I was always interested in such stuff, but I never had enough curiosity, time or patience to study this “aroma science”. This simple RESCUE KIT is made right for me! No need to learn how to combine oils, pick them according to their qualities and so on… The price is a bit costly - 195 AED - but it is a perfect gift for any lady including yourself! Me and girls presented this kit to our yoga teacher for her birthday. Lately we became really close friends with her. She loved the 7 Essence so much and complimented it so, that I immediately ordered the one for myself! The kit contains 7 compositions of Essential Oils to BALANCE your Energy, according to your needs.

And it is very easy to use these rolls-on - you just need to apply them to specific points: wrists, neck, temples, along the spine, under the feet. Go here to read the description of each roll-on and place the order. My favorite scents are BREATHE and LADY FOX. It is a miracle, but it really helps to ease PMS! All these 7 compositions you can purchase separately 60 AED each.

As usually kit is more valuable.

By the way, ladies, Mr. Fox suggests to tame with right combination of organic oils not only yourself, but your child, too! The remedy is called MINI FOX. It is totally natural. My son adores the smell so much, that he sometimes asks me to massage his temples a bit even when his behavior is good :)

For small children this treatment works as a signal, that it is time to come down even before it starts working. One great trick for calming a baby that I learnt during working with the little ones is that you should gently pull their fingers and massage their hands, for instance with this Mini Fox solution. This procedure also builds a strong bonds between mother and child.

 There are two treatments from Mr.Fox that can be considered as a nice and not expensive  souvenir for a man: an oil for beard OH MY BEARD and a teeth care FRENCH KISS. The teeth  care magic potion, which is also based on essential oils, can be added straight to the  toothpaste on the toothbrush or to the mouthwash. It disinfects your mouth, whitens the  teeth and freshens your breath. I must say it is very effective in fighting bad breath - one of my  friends checked it out and praised it a lot. 

I can’t say anything about the beard oil, because my husband doesn't have the beard, but I can admit, that the whole idea is great. If I were a man wearing a beard, I would definitely prefer to take care of it!

Also Mr. Fox provides 100% natural remedies for relieving different kinds of pains and acne treatment. If you are a person who doesn't like to take medicine each time as you have a little headache, you will love BYE-BYE MIGRAINE. And if your would like to get rid of period cramps, then you need to try RELIEF YOUR PAIN. Again application is very simple - roll-on a bit on specific pressure points. The acne remedy PIMP YOUR PIMPLE you can take anywhere you go, cause it is small and practical. Heals pimples quite fast and prevents the scars. 

In conclusion I want to share with you the magic oil for aching back, muscles and joints NO PAIN YOU GAIN. It reduces various inflammation and works like really nice massaging oil for relaxing and preventing pains after sports.