Oh Lief for Green Future of Your Baby

Hello ladies!

Recently I received great news. One of my best friends gave a birth to a daughter.

 This is an interesting story: when she was a very  young lady one doctor told her, that apparently  she wouldn't be able to have children at all. And  guess what - today she has already two  beautiful daughters. Something tells me she  won’t stop till she has a son.

 I immediately started to think about a present  for her. I knew that she wouldn't need clothes  as she saved all the stuff from the first daughter.  What can Green Lady give to her friend?  Certainly something that she will need during  nursing the baby - different natural treatments for sensitive newborn skin. Here (livethenature.ae/en/oh-lief-baby-gift-box) I found  a set that suits best of all – OH-LIEF BABY GIFT BOX. Oh-  Lief is a wordplay on olive and love, which is the perfect  description for this brand. The price of the box is very decent  85 Aed.

It is a gorgeous, all-in-one box containing the much-  loved Oh-Lief range for babies:

  • Bum Balm 125g
  • Natural Aqueous cream 50g
  • Shampoo & Wash 100ml
  • Baby wax 10g 
  • Tummy wax 10g,
  • Insect Balm 10g 
  • Free tree certificate

 I need to add, I am in love with the packaging. I buy products because the  packaging is cute/pretty/funky… But this brand is so awesome, the  packaging AND the product rock! The box is a great starter and/or travel  and gift idea for moms!

 Oh-Lief was one of my favorite natural baby skincare when my son was  small. Now I am really happy to share these incredible products with my  friend and to present it all in a valuable set. 

 To be a bit more specific I will describe you every component of this box.  First is a full - sized Natural Olive Bum Balm (125g) for reducing nappy and  teething rushes. The main ingredients are olive oil, beeswax and  lavender… more natural it can’t get. It soothes delicate baby’s skin.  My opinion it is much healthier than conventional, non-organic bum  creams and powders and works really great. If I treat myself only with best organic products than the baby definitely deserves this luxurious hypo-allergenic balm! And it has such a subtle and comforting lavender fragrance - smells so yummy!

The box also contains a travel-size Natural Olive Baby Shampoo & Wash (100ml), which is ideal for slipping into your babybag or when traveling. Original package is 200 ml and you can order it separately on livethenature.ae. This all-in-one wash contains no sulphates or other nasties, yet lathers into a gentle foam.

My son was born with not very much hair on his head, so I used shampoo for him not very often. Nevertheless not all newborns are born bald but arrive on the scene with a shock of thick hair, like my friend’s baby girl. No one really knows why some babies are born with lots of hair, though experts believe it probably has something to do with maternal hormones and the genetic lottery. Anyway I am sure that this OH-LIEF shampoo will be very suitable for all babies and especially for the little ones like my friend’s daughter.

The third product in the box is my favorite: Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous cream 50g. It has a lovely silky soft feel without leaving anoily residue on the skin, but leaves the skin feeling nourished (I even used it on my face for taking off the make up). I like its multi functionality - you can use it as a wash off cream or a lotion. The big packaging - 250 g - you can order here separately livethenature.ae/en/oh-lief-natural-aqueous-sream-wash.

In the baby gift box you’ll also find dinky, sample-sizes (10g each) of Oh-lief’s beloved Baby wax, Tummy wax and Insect Balm. These miniatures are perfect for popping into your nappy bag, and are ideal for trying some of Oh-lief best-selling products for yourself, before you buy.

Baby wax contents olive, avocado and lavenderoils together with beeswax. Not only is this wax ideal to soothe and relax your baby every day, but it also softens cradle cap and soothes sunburn and insect bites. It is perfect for sensitive skin and works well for eczema.

With Oh-lief Natural Olive InsectBalm you can keep mosquitoes and other flying insects away. It is said that Insect Repellent is suitable for ages 6 months and up, though I don’t understand why not earlier. Apart from olive oil and beeswax it contents only avocado, lemongrass and citronella oils, no chemicals or preservatives. Using these naturally occurring repellents, this lovely smelling balm will keep insects at bay without harming your baby’s sensitive skin. Actually it can protect the entire family from mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies.

Tummy wax is suitable for use to nourish the expectant mom’s growing belly naturally as so as after pregnancy it can be applied to dry, cracked nipples while breastfeeding. It is also perfect for everyday use on babies as a great massage wax and general moisturizer. The Tummy wax is made from olive oil, coconut oil, baobab seed oil and beeswax, also doesn’t contain any preservatives and absolutely fragrance free.

I think Oh-lief Baby Gift Box can be ideal baby shower gift. At the same time I am sure that any mom of a newborn baby will be happy to have this set, including my friend. So great to try a little of everything!




Green Lady