Olive oil - to use or not to use? Three Yes and one No

At first I must say that my research is about babies skin. And what is good for our precious ones is certainly great as well for us, mommies. Sometimes we care so much about our children, especially newborns, that we keep forgetting that our skin also should be pampered.

So, one of the best remedies that I have ever heard about is olive oil – it is simple and relatively cheap.

That is why there is no surprise to find olive oil extracts in moisturizers, creams, conditioners and even lip balms… that are how good it is!

To use for cooking - YES!

It is supposed to be the best heart-healthy oil and also the idea replacement for your usual cooking oil, though sometimes we prefer not to add its flavor to our meal and use some neutral oils like sunflower, corn or canola.

To use during pregnancy and breastfeeding - YES!

It has been found that mothers who consumed moderate quantities of olive oil during their pregnancy period were more likely to have kids with better motor reflexes, height, weight and other physical qualities.

Consumption of olive oil during breastfeeding is also thought to help maintain a supply of essential nutrients to your baby, which she requires.

Again, don’t forget about yourself! It is ok if you want to cover your whole body with olive oil, though to put it straight on your hair is probably not the best idea…

I’d better suggest using special natural treatments containing the best premium cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil - like Four Cow Farm Baby Wash http://livethenature.ae/en/four-cow-farm-baby-wash/ - I have tried it and it is really great for face, body and even hair!

To use for baby massage – YES!

Massaging your baby is highly recommended, as it helps make your baby active. Also promotes bone and muscle health and develops motor skills. Could you use olive oil as a massage oil for babies? Yes, it is really safe for kids.

It is packed with important nutrients that are essential for a baby’s healthy growth and development.

Nevertheless you need to remember that a baby’s skin is much delicate and thinner as compared to adults, which is why, it is very essential to choose the olive oil good for baby skin.

To use as a massage oil for skin with eczema – NO!

Research has revealed how olive oil as a massage oil is not a great option for babies who have dry and broken skin, and may contribute to skin darkening. Those having a family history of eczema should avoid massaging their babies with olive oil.

Why? Olive oil is also known to contain a fatty acid called oleic acid, which is believed to make the skin more permeable, which can be both good and bad. An increased permeability of the skin could cause water and oil to be absorbed into your baby’s skin. Thus making it soft and supple; but it could also increase the moisture, which could be harmful for your baby if she suffers from skin conditions like eczema.

For eliminating the risk for such babies I suggest using 100% Baby Oil by Four Cow Farm, which doesn’t contain olive oil http://livethenature.ae/en/four-cow-farm-baby-oil/