Three problems - one answer. Organic Essence

Hello ladies! Today we will speak about three different problems and methods that can solve them using Organic Essence production. First of all, I’m going to tell you about the beautiful product that I got couple months ago for fighting the most constantly occurring problem of myself - dry and cracking heels. Have you ever wondered how they happen?

Cracks in the heels are generally caused by insufficient moisture. Seriously dry feet can occur for a number of reasons, including dehydration of the whole organism, soaking in a hot bath for too long or too frequently (my favorite) or even it can be a symptom of diabetes! To prevent painful, cracked heels, you can eliminate risk factors by drinking plenty of water and avoiding excessively hot showers. With a good cream and a little foot pampering, you'll be kicking up your well-moisturized heels in no time.

You know, I am really serious about using only natural products. So I searched for the best one and discovered Peppermint Foot Whipped Butter by Organic Essence, the brand which is known for making most of its products on the basis of organic Shea butter. The company has USDA certification, which is important considering that lots of so-called organic cosmetics producers are lying about the ingredients of their beauty products. Unfortunately, the bigger variety and demand for such production, the more fakes you risk to purchase. That’s why the only place where I am ordering organic treatments is I know these guys and do believe in their choices of manufactures as I know that they are trying every brand on themselves before putting it on the website. Certainly it is important to know that the product that you are ordering is not only harmless for your health but also works good and worthy.

 I liked this Foot Butter a lot. It took me four days to stop my heels cracking. In a week there was a dramatic difference, after a month those REALLY deep cracks are almost gone. You know how you can wear socks and put any kind of intense foot cream and your feet slip and slide around like a seven-year old going down a waterslide? Well, the Peppermint Foot Butter just didn’t do that. Heading into summer ten minutes with a pair of socks work well, or popped on before bed.

 I must tell you that I was trying lots of different treatments before - nothing helped better than that. I was also relieved that I can apply the cream just in bed before sleep. Before that I used a cream that required washing hands right after applying. That was annoying as I used to use it after the shower in the bathroom, washed hands and only then tip toed towards the bed leaving all the cream applied on the floor. Now I can apply it in the bed and even use excesses for my hands - there is nothing wrong in it as all the ingredients are natural. It smells very pleasant and the peppermint helps to relieve tired feet.

Now couple more words about Shea butter and solving the second problem.

As a consumer, lots of products “claim” to help eczema. If you have a child with eczema and hear them scream every time you try and put a “new miracle cream” on their sore, cracked skin behind their knees or on their arms – you are VERY careful what you try. Very careful. The shea butter combined with vanilla, orange, lemongrass, mint or lavender really, can truly make a DIFFERENCE. However Organic Essence makes a Pure Organic Shea Butter if you prefer not to have any additives. It soothes, it heals. See all their creams here:

Shea butter also works great as an ingredient of a lip balms of different tastes. Coupled with organic cocoa butter it moisturizes lips for a very comfortable price of 19 AED.

Speaking about my third problem I’ll tell you about one more product that I liked by Organic Essence. Long time ago I decided to stop using the usual deodorants because of the threat of severe diseases which are sometimes associated with petrochemical ingredients which they are made of. I won’t tell you scary stories about it. Instead I will just recommend the product that I’ve been searching for a long time and finally found - a natural deodorant Organic Confidence. They have different aromas and my favorite is wood spice. Sometimes I use it instead of the perfume - this how nice the smell is!

All Organic Essence products have nice eco-friendly sustainable packagingin order to avoid potential product contamination from plastic chemicals leaching into products. More than that they believe that plastic packages clog the environment, harming animals. Authentic sustainable packaging such as paper is part of the life cycle and thereby is infinitely renewable.

Hope my new advises will help to solve your problems, like this brand solved three of mine!


Sincerely yours,

Green Lady