Making the big switch – chemical to organic make-up with Organic Glam

Good day ladies!

If you’re reading my post, it means that you understand the importance of using organic beauty products, you are interested in this wonderful theme and ready to switch to organic make up, which is chemical free, mild to the skin and doesn't test on animals. All of us are coming to the decision of using only natural ingredients for our skin differently. My story was quite unusual.

 The thing is that I have a near-sightedness, which is very common. As long as I don't  like my face in  glasses, I prefer wearing contact lens and I do so for almost 20 years  already! In my home country I  had never any problems with them, but after couple of  months here, in the UAE, I began to feel discomfort - my eyes and lids itched pretty  hard. All of these were the symptoms of the dry eye syndrome. It was caused by constantly air-conditioned dry air and small sand or dust particles combined with contact lens wearing. I also noticed that these negative effects were intensified by using  an eye make up.

I had to stop using make up on my eyes at all. It was pretty annoying and I decided to try something new. That was why along with using soothing and calming treatments for moisturizing and relieving the dry eye symptoms I switched to organic make up. In my article “SAY YES TO ORGANIC MAKE UP” I’ve already introduced to you a perfect organic brand The Organic Pharmacy

Now I am happy to inform you that since that time my favorite has significantly increased number of represented products from the make up line of this brand called Organic Glam. 

So here are the super-easy steps for flawless looking skin:

The first step of all: Apply a moisturizer with SPF to help concealer and foundation glide on smoothly. If you already have flawless skin (no freckles, blemishes, discoloration, or uneven tone) you should use a tinted moisturizer. When my skin is in good condition (I use AGE DEFY TINTED DD MOISTURIZER This will add a bit of color without looking cake-like.

 If you want to cover a bit more, use Organic Glam LUMINOUS ANTIOXIDANT  FOUNDATION.

 It is not cheap, but this is one product that you should splurge on. Apply the  foundation with a  foundation brush if you have one or use your fingers. Some people  like using brushes, but you may  prefer fingers because it's easier, just remember to  wash your hands before. 

 Put a bit of foundation on the back of your hand, dab a bit of foundation onto your fingers and smooth it  onto your face. Make sure to get your jawline, ears and around your eyes and down your neck, to blend  it into your skin. (If you use a brush, apply in a circular motion, and always have clean brushes.) 


Remember: foundation is meant to even out your skin tone. Don't  use it to add color or completely cover blemishes.



Then use concealer only where you need it, like on undereye circles and blemishes. Apply in little stripes with a  pointed concealer brush. Then blend using your ring finger for the lightest touch, and don't tug on delicate  undereye areas.

 Set the concealer with setting powder. Choose OG LOOSE POWDER matt or shimmer glow and dab it on  the concealed parts of your face with a stippling brush.

 Apply a blush. Find a blush that suits your skin tone and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Organic Glam  offers two tones - pink and peach



Apply eye makeup and a brow gel to keep your eyebrows in place.

I would like to emphasize MINERAL EYESHADOW SHIMMERS of different colors. I love these little eye shimmers (and not just because they’re cute). The loose shimmer powders come with a very easy-to-use, built-in applicator, making it easy as cake to sweep them all over the eyelid, just on the top crease, or underneath the lower lash line. Their gentle formula is suitable for very sensitive eyes like mine. Me personally use a Pink Pearl color as a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye coupled with Taupe, a surprisingly soft, warm brown.

There are lots of other variants and you just need to choose what goes the best with your eyes and skin tone.

If you prefer more traditional packaging of eye shadows than you might like eyeshadow pallets. There are two sets of colors - plum and nude brown that are available for ordering on livethenature.

They are also very friendly for the sensitive eyes. Purchasing one of these sets, you won’t need to search for the best combination of colors - they are already prepared for you.

If you want to know how to apply eyeshadow perfectly, here is a procedure:

1. Moisturizer

2. Eye primer

3. Eyeshadows

4. An eyeliner

5. A mascara

The third point includes these steps of applying the shadows:

Both sets of four colors by Organic Pharmacy work great for following this scheme.

Again since switching on these shadows I don't have any discomfort and can use them as frequently as I like. 

Remember, that if you want to make your eyeshadow last, apply an eye shadow primer first.

Usually on my everyday life I am ok without this long procedure and I make do with eyeliner or mascara and very rarely both of them together. Organic Glam EYE PENCIL works best for me. It is soft and at the same time stays sharp enough. I prefer dark brown color, but they also have very pretty navy blue, which is perfect for blue eyes.

Of course the usual black color goes for everybody. 

Organic Glam MASCARA has been my favorite for a very long time. I like it a lot, because after it  dries, it doesn't smudge, stays in place. It comes off easily in the shower with soap and water but  stays put during the day. No flakes fall in my eyes, which is good for my allergy. 

Finish your make up routine with moisturizing your lips by applying Organic Glam CREAMY



The whole process takes me not more than 10 minutes in the morning. With this beauty guide you can easily find out how to switch on the organic make up, what beauty care products to buy and how to apply them. Remember that all these great beauty care tips, tricks and product reviews I am writing only after checking on myself!


Sincerely yours,

Green Lady!