Supplements – YES or NO?

Hello Green Beauties!


Today we gonna talk about...yes, supplements, a very controversial subject.

A healthy lifestyle, green living, healthy diet, right nutrition is becoming a hype and a trend nowadays. So what are those supplements, should we take them or not?

Well, lets first spot the top categories of supplements used worldwide.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) recently released a survey that indicated, among other statistics, that approximately 68 percent of all adults in the United States report taking dietary supplements on a regular basis. 68% which is over 200 million people!!

Here are the top four categories of supplements used in the United States and common worldwide:

1) Vitamins and Minerals.

Those include multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B/B complex. 

2) Specialty Supplements.

The largest category of these specialty supplements is omega-3/fatty acids, which include popular fish oil supplements. Those also include fiber, probiotics, glucosamine/chrondroitin and CoQ10. 

3) Herbals and Botanicals.

You may think of a green tea, garlic, cranberry, Echinacea and ginseng. 

4) Sports Nutrition and Weight Management.

Usually, people take such supplements for the purposes of sports nutrition or weight management. The most common types of supplements here are a protein supplement, energy drinks and gels, green coffee and hydration drinks and gels. 

Today I would like to talk about Nutritional Supplements and review an Australian brand Amazonia.

Born in Australia, Amazonia claims to deliver the best nutrition to you and see more happy, more healthy people that are bright-eyed and full of life!

Amazonia delivers a wide choice of Raw Protein, Unique blends of concentrated superfoods which is Raw Nutrition and Certified Organic Açaí. Plus they are vegan and organic certified! 

It is a known fact that most of pre-workout supplements claim that they'll take your training to a new level. At the same time many of these supplements contain a blend of ingredients ranging from guarana to other stimulants.  Amazonia's Raw Workout blend offers a totally different approach. It is designed to support energy, stamina and hydration with a powerful combination of superfoods, sea minerals, and traditional herbs.

And it is so easy to prepare – just mix 2 teaspoons into 200ml of water or non-dairy milk. Also delicious combined into your favourite smoothies and breakfast bowls. It can be taken in the morning, or before and during exercise.

Look at this amazing recipe from Amazonia of Summer Melon Frappe! 

2 cups frozen watermelon, 150ml coconut water, Handful of kale, Handful of ice, 1 serve Amazonia Raw energy. Combine in blender and enjoy! 

Having a healthy digestive system is key to feeling good and looking healthy. Check Amazonia Raw pre-probiotic which is a unique non-dairy, formula combining the benefits of both prebiotics and probiotics in digestive health support.  It is vegan, organic and free from wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, lactose, gluten, caffeine & GMO.

Once you wake up take 1 serve of Raw Pre-Probiotic in 200 ml of water. 

Did you know that chlorophyll (the green pigment) stimulates anti ageing enzymes and supports cleansing to encourage healthy, youthful skin?

Wellbeing, detox and beauty in a form of Raw Prebiotic Greens. This delicious blend is a mix of nutrient-dense sprouts, leaves, juices, grasses, algae, herbs, over 74 trace minerals and prebiotics to support vitality.

Try the following recipe from Amazonia with Raw greens – Detox in a Glass.

250ml coconut water, 1/2 lemon, peeled, 1 small apple, cored and chopped, handful of spinach, handful Kale, fresh mint, 1 serve Amazonia Raw greens, 1 tsp Amazonia Raw pre-probiotics (optional).

Combine in blender and enjoy! 

As you might heard, my beauties, Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, which helps to keep wrinkles and dry skin. Amazonia  Raw Prebiotic Vitamin C is designed to nourish the immune and digestive systems while supporting collagen production. Before sleep, mix 1 serve of Raw Prebiotic Vitamin C in 200 ml of water. This can help to rejuvenate your cells at night.

If you are looking for a quality protein powder, always remember the following tips. Better opt for a vegetable protein with bio-fermented ingredients or a pre-biotic whey protein for optimal digestion. Choose raw protein as they have no need to add artificial or manmade vitamins and minerals to their formulas. Go for natural flavours. If you prefer flavoured protein simply ensure you buy a protein with natural flavourings.  Check ingredients and avoid additives and words you don't understand.

Amazonia Raw Purple Rice Protein is the source of protein and nutrients created from sustainably farmed purple rice. It is a natural source of fibre and has a well-balanced amino acid profile and a high protein to low carbohydrate ratio (3:1), making it a great support for active lifestyles. Don't forget to drink plenty of water daily.

A special recipe from Amazonia - 250ml almond milk, 1/2 cup coconut flesh or 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 serve Amazonia Raw vanilla protein isolate, 1 tsp vanilla bean powder.

Combine ingredients in a blender. Serve immediately and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and guides today. Keep moving! Stay healthy! And shine brighter!


Sincerely yours,

Green Lady